Saturday, August 28, 2010

Friday Re-Cap

I confirmed that I really did fry my GPS unit using the car charger that came with it. I don't know why. I just plugged it in last night after we picked up the rental car and it started smoking. That is never a good thing for electronics. So much for that!

Mike & I got up early for some Starbucks coffee and a bit of exploration around Luxor. Mike followed some folks out to the pool who were doing a photo shoot while I went to the casino. I played my birthday for the first bet on electronic roulette and won $35!! Then played most of it back. Haha!

We let Shane & Courtney sleep in a bit since we were in no rush. We decided to go with a restaurant recommendation for breakfast - Ellis Island Casino & Restaurant. Steak & eggs for $4.99! That's us! And the birthday girl (that's me) topped it off with a Bloody Mary for only $3.99! It was all good! Courtney seemed to enjoy her omelet and Shane even sampled a beer from the casino's micro brewery after eating french toast. Hmmm... Doesn't do much for MY taste buds, but he was happy!

Shane has an irritated eye from work on Thursday and Mike took him to a local medical clinic to have it looked at. They dropped Courtney & I off at Fashion Show (mall) to shop while they were at the clinic. Turned out after over an hour they couldn't get the foreign matter out of his eye & suggested he go to the emergency room. They picked us up & 30 min. later we were walking out of the emergency room with about 90% of the spec removed from his eye.

On with the vacation! Mike got us on the Interstate and we were headed for the Hoover Dam. We got to see the new bridge that is going over Black Canyon. When it opens it will divert most of the east/west traffic off of the Dam.

Once we got to Kingman, we caught I-40 east and headed to Seligman, AZ on old Route 66. There isn't much left but we stopped at Delgadillo's Snowcap Inn, a crazy little place that serves food and fun! Unfortunately they had just closed and we couldn't get a snack but we walked around taking photos.

So now we were hungry!! Next stop, Williams, AZ! This is a Route 66 town off of I-40 that is alive & well in the modern age. They just don't look like anyone told them the 1960's have come & gone! We arrived just in time for the wild west shootout. We were hoping it wasn't too cheesy for Shane & Courtney, but they thought it was funny & entertaining!

After checking in at The Grand Canyon Hotel, we perused the menus of a few local restaurants before deciding on Pine Country Restaurant. Good home cooking! We ate light so we would have room for pie and there were LOTS of pies to choose from! Mike got double chocolate cream pie. I got cherry cheesecake pie. Shane & Courtney got strawberry cream pie. They were all so good!

After dinner, we got the luggage to our rooms and celebrated my birthday with some champagne provided by Amy, the hotel proprietor. Then a walk around town was in order to get rid of our full bellies! We even did a bit of gift shopping!

Its VERY late now and I need some rest too! I'll have to post todays pics when I get to a computer that I can hook my camera to via USB cable. Good night all!

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